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May 22, 2018 · Simulcast -> Requires SFU. Only sender->SFU defined in webrtc 1.0, logic for ... - It runs a local signaling server (node), currently with and without adapter.js
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(We later on coined the term “Selective Forwarding Unit”, or SFU, to describe the operation of these servers in a generic way.) At the same time the transition to VP8 was being made, Vidyo and Google announced that Vidyo would be collaborating with Google to develop a scalable extension for the VP9 video codec as part of the WebRTC client open source project.
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Building a WebRTC video and audio Broadcaster in Golang using ION-SFU, and media devices. WebRTC, short for Web Real-Time Communication, is a communication protocol that enables real-time audio, video and data transmission on the web by utilizing peer to peer connections. WebRTC also provides a Javascript API that is available by default in most browsers and helps developers implement the protocol in their applications.
WebRTC Discussions Summary from IETF 99 Meeting. 31 July 2017 | Media, Security There are disagreements about just how much work is left to do on the core WebRTC-related specs, but there is general agreement that mainly what needs to happen now is work on the specs rather than discussions of new topics. SFU. Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) Used usually with Simulcast or Scalable Video Codec. Strength. Can scale for large conference participants; Can be used for low latency video streaming; Server Side Recording possible but needs post processing; Weakness. Less CPU load (only decrypt + encrypt) Media is decrypted on Server side.
A virtual reality gaming service utilizing a centralized conferencing server wants to synchronize data with media, using an existing Selective Forwarding Unit (SFU) to distribute the data. This use case adds the following requirements:
WebRTC SFU server library by @vieroinc. VieroWebRTCSignalingServer doesn't yet support commonly used HTTP servers eg. express or koa.
Welcome! Grab a Coffee and Enjoy! Thought provoking insights, ideas, and news tailored for WebRTC professionals, live streaming junkies, and generally anyone considering adopting real-time video capabilities into their business. 常规的 SFU 都会自身集成一个 ice lite 实现的 ice server,所以交互过程中省去了 ice server 的独立角色。SFU 的 SDP 信息中会携带自身的 Host Candidate 和 ‘a=ice-lite’ 属性,当对端收到 ‘a=ice-lite’ 属性后会自动将自己设置成 controlling 角色,主动与 SFU 的 ice agent 进行交互。
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